Friday, April 12, 2013

New Crowdfunding Site: We can take Credit Cards Now!

We have started up a Brain-Tools crowd funding page over at Rockethub to collect contributions to the MSF development project. This site is set up to help fund new start up projects by public contribution, just as we had intended to do with our treatment for Alzheimer's. Our first fundraising goal is $100,000 collected over 90 days which will go to developing our memory tests and pay for equipment we'll be using to safely manufacture MSF for our long term safety study (the second stage described in our funding plan).

Please take a moment to help us with the first leg of our crowd funding push to make MSF available to Alzheimer's patients. Share this site with anyone that would have interest in a more effective treatment for the debilitating effects of memory loss caused by this disease.

Brain-Tools Crowdfunding Project 

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