Friday, April 5, 2013

Getting the Word Out

Website Completed

        Although we've been tweaking it a bit here and there, the website has been pretty much completed, with all of the information on our project to get MSF to Alzheimer's patients available now. One of the key features up there right now is an animation Jon Perry of Stated Clearly created for us to explain the mechanism of MSF's restoral of memory in sufferers of Alzheimer's. The animation explains why MSF performs so remarkably compared to what's available on the market, and does so for a general audience.
        With the completion of the website we've started focusing on how to best disseminate our project to the public. Because we rely on contributions from the public as opposed to traditional venture capitalists we have a lot more stake in having our project heard about by private individuals. Whereas a mainline Biopharmaceutical company might put out a few press releases to drum up enthusiasm in their existing investors, we need everyone with a stake in Alzheimer's treatments to hear about us. Currently Dr. Moss is working with a PR consultant and some volunteer assistance from his daughters to write letters to talk shows, podcasts and blogs asking if they'll share our story. We should start sending the letters out within the next few days, so check back here to see if we end up on anything you listen to. If you have any suggestions for slightly obscure podcasts or talk shows we should write to, please send them to me at

And now for the video I was touting in the first paragraph!


  1. Congratulations on the website and best of luck to what you guys are doing. Anything that can improve/extend the quality of life of a patient and family member(s) dealing with these diseases, many of us shall be Very grateful!

    Thank You,
    Chris Law

    1. Thank you for your interest. We have good reason to expect MSF to be able to restore the quality of life to millions in a capacity far greater than anything available today.

      What's more, we're hoping to use some of the proceeds from the MSF project to help develop a drug that will block the development of Tau proteins, halting the progress of Alzheimer's altogether.

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  3. Amazing!!! Sounds absolutely wonderful!