Monday, April 8, 2013

Assays for Memory Improvement After Treatment with MSF in Alzheimer's Patients

        I had the opportunity to see the memory assays we'll be giving to Alzheimer's patients to assess their improvement, and I loved them. They were easy to understand, could be given quickly without too much strain on the subject, and the peer reviewed research indicated they were exceptionally good at discerning memory abilities in both Alzheimer's patients and normals. The tests were researched by Dr. Awh and Dr. Vogel, and they are currently working on formatting the tests so that they can be given remotely by trained testers over Skype or a similar sort of software. This is pretty important if you're going to be testing 400 people a week over a potentially very large area. Of course in addition to these quick assessments our Contract Research Organizations (CROs) will also be using the same methods that Aricept used to test donepezil on a roughly monthly basis so that our they can determine relative effectiveness of the drugs.

        In the meantime Dr. Summerton, co-manager of Brain-Tools, has written our first letter to the FDA about helping us set up Adaptive trials, and we just got our first responses! Details will be forthcoming.

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